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At NATURaLL® we produce 100% pure cotton disposable table linen both for professional users and consumers. Everything we design and produce we do with full respect for the environment, offering the market a 100% natural, ecological, biodegradable and above all compostable product.
Every day we commit ourselves to the pursuit of this philosophy, creating at the same time new designs, to satisfy all market trends.

NATURaLL® owes much of its technology and innovation to the experience of Sanitars Spa, which has been on the market since 1971. Sanitars Spa, a world leader in the production of disposable items for personal hygiene, has always focused on technology, quality of raw materiak, the production process and the continuous innovation of its products,. We integrate all stages of production from raw cotton to the finished product.
Within these parameters in 2014 Sanitars Spa created NATURaLL®, expanding its portfolio and introducing a new innovative product with single-use table-linen.


The current single-use market in the foodservice industry offers products made of paper or woven fabric consisting mainly of harmful materials for both mankind and the environment. Materials such as viscose, polyester, polypropylene or other synthetic fibers that, besides not offering softness and strength to the end user are are produced or treated with chemical and additives.

NATURaLL® has revolutionized the disposable table-linen market, introducing a new 100% Pure Cotton, natural, nonwoven fabric. We offer you the quality of linen with the economy of paper.
NATURaLL® products, thanks to their quality, elegance and softness are a great alternative to linen and will help you eliminate all the associated issues with laundered napkins.